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Monday, May 4, 2009

Polka Dot Ric Rac Tutorial

I know there are tons of ric rac tutorials out on the internet, but I wrote this one as a template for showing people how to turn a tutorial into a script.

1. Open a new file, 3600 x 150 with a transparent background.

2. Fill the canvas with a color.

3. Select All (Ctrl + A ).

4. Select a 10 pixel border (Selections > Modify > Select Selection Borders)

Inside = Checked
Anti-alias = Checked
Border width = 10

5. Fill the selection with a color.

6. Resize Canvas (Image > Canvas Size) to 3580 x 300.

Width = 3580
Height = 300
Canvas Placement = Center

7. Invert Selection (Ctrl + I).

8. Apply the Halftone Effect (Effects > Artistic Effects > Halftone).

Halftone pattern = Round
Size = 15
Screen Angles = 130
Use as overlay = Checked
Blend Mode = Overlay
Opacity = 48
Color Scheme = Greyscale
Ink = Black
Background = White
Transparent = Unchecked

9. Select None (Ctrl + D).

10. Apply the Wave Deformation (Effects > Distortion Effects > Wave).

Horizontal displacement
Amplitude = 0 (by setting to zero, nulls the wavelength value)
Wavelength = 25
Vertical displacement
Amplitude = 20
Wavelength = 12
Edge Mode = Repeat

The ric rac is now complete.


  1. thanks for this i just did it and saved it as a script first try .....jessie

  2. Thanks, the instructions were great.


  3. Thanks so much for this tut. It was so much simpler to make with your instructions.