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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Wooden Lattice Tutorial

Currently, I'm writing tutorials so that I won't forget how I did something. I spent an hour trying to perfect a white wooden lattice. I now have a seamless white wooden lattice tile and nothing to do with it.

1. Open a new transparent canvas. I used 600 x 600.

2. Using the Eye Candy 5 Textures: Weave plugin, create a seamless tiling lattice.

Pattern = Plain
Texture Orientation = 45
Ribbon Width = 40.00
Ribbon Color = Solid Colors
Horizontal Ribbon Color = White
Vertical Ribbon Color = White
Gap Width = 75.00
Gap Fill = Make Gaps Transparent
Shadow Strength = 10
Seamless Tile = Checked

Thread Detail = 25
Thread Smear = 25.00
Distortion = 0
Edge Roughness = 0

3. Add a drop shadow (Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow).

Vertical = 0
Horizontal = 2
Opacity = 100
Blur = 5.00
Color = Black
Shadow on new layer = Unchecked

4. Notice that the crossover regions of the lattice do not have a drop shadow.

5. To add shadow to the crossover regions, select part of the latticework next to a crossover region. I tried the make the selection the same length as the crossover region and the same width as the shadow.

6. Feather the selection by 1 (Ctrl + H).

7. Copy the selection and then paste the selection on all the crossover regions.

8. To fill in the crossover regions which are cross-wise, paste the selection (Ctrl+E), rotate (Ctrl+R) it 90 degrees to the left and copy the selection.

9. Now paste the selection on the remaining crossover regions.

The completed seamless lattice. This is a 600 x 600, 300 dpi seamless tile. Feel free to download it and use it.


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