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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Resizing Stencils in ArtRage

It took me some fiddling to figure out how to resize stencils in ArtRage, so I thought other people might like to know how to do it.

1. Assuming that you have an open painting in ArtRage, click the Stencils button at the bottom of the work area and choose your stencil.  For the purposes of this tutorial, I chose a stencil that came with ArtRage, Sharp Ripple, but any black and white image can be used as a stencil by loading it via Tools > Stencil Options > Load a Stencil from Disk.

2.  Select the mover tool (located next to the Stencil button) and place the stencil where you want it.  I put in the center of the canvas so that I could easily enlarge it.

3.  Select the magnifying glass located next to the Stencil button and hover over the stencil.  You should see a magnifying glass show up.

4.  Click on the stencil and then drag diagonally across the stencil to enlarge.  If you start at the top and drag toward the bottom, then the stencil will increase in size.  If you start at the bottom and drag toward the top, then the stencil will decrease in size.


  1. Was looking for a way to enlarge a speech bubble from the stencils today. your post came up tops. thanks!

  2. Thanks! never thought this would be so simple!!!