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Friday, April 29, 2011

PSP Blog Hop


I have donated a prize to the First Annual PSP Blog Hop.  It is a script that will make an 280pt chipboard alpha containing capitals and the numbers 0-9.  Or, for the scripting-shy, I will provide 5 Chipboard alpha templates (also containing capitals and the numbers 0-9) in the fonts of your choice.  You can find the entry form for my prize at the Official Blog Hop blog.

This is a one-off prize which means that I will not be offering it for free on my blog.  In order to get the prize, you have to fill out the prize entry form at the PSP Blog Hop.

I noticed that one of the requirements to win the prize is leaving a comment on the prize post at the Blog Hop.  However, I can't see any way to leave a comment over there.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cola Test

I'm testing out my new chipboard alpha script and thought I would give away my alpha I made during the testing process.  I did have to make a few post-script edits as the font was not well-kerned.


You can get the script at the PSP Blog Hop.