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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trimming Extra Space from Images

Today I saw a script that would let you trim excess space from PNGs. It was selling for $4.  If you want to remove extra space from around your images, this is a very simple step.  I couldn't believe that someone could actually sell a script to do this for $4.  This tutorial will show you how to trim excess space.  Then you can record your own script, for free!

1.  You need an image with a transparent background which you want to trim.  This can be a PNG or it can even be a PSPImage file you are working on that has multiple layers.  Just make sure that all the layers are visible.

2.  Select the crop tool and click the button for Snap crop rectangle to Merged Opaque.

This will force the crop tool to be exactly the size of your image.

3.  Click the check mark to complete the crop.

Your image is now trimmed.

You can record this step as a script and then use the batch tool to apply it to a bunch of images at once.

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