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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clipping Mask Template

This tutorial is for designers wishing to create Photoshop templates which can be used by others.  It goes through the steps for placing a clipping mask over a an element on a layer so that other people can add their own color, pattern or paper.

1.  Open a new canvas.

2.  Create your element on the canvas.  It can be any color as the clipping mask will hide it.  I am using the Japanese floral design from my Vector Tracing tutorial which I pasted in as a smart object.

3.  Optional.  Add any layer styles to the element that you wish such as inner shadow, inner glow, drop shadow or bevel.

4.  Add a New Layer (Layers > New > Layer) with Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask checked.  I called mine paper.

5.  The clipping mask has now been created above the element.  The clipping mask 'layer' can now be filled with a color, pattern or paper.

Here is the image after a paper was pasted into the clipping mask layer.

The template can now be saved in PSD format and distributed to others.


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