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Monday, July 5, 2010

Effects on Masks

This is a note to myself on how NOT to do something in PSP.  I discovered this weekend that I could make a very interesting effect by creating a mask layer over an image and then applying an effect to the mask layer.  Unfortunately, then I saved the file as a version 9 .pspimage file and now I can't open it anymore.  I'm going to share how I did the effect on the mask layer as it was a nice way to preserve the original image up to the point where I wanted to save.

1.  Create the original image.  Mine is an alpha that I made for SNL challenge #64.

2.  Select the area that you want to mask.

3.  Create the mask from the selection.

4.  Here is my original set of layers and my new set of layers.

Original LayersNew Layers

5.  With the mask layer selected, it is possible to apply an effect to the mask layer.  I applied a texture using a plugin.  I thought this would also be a good way to apply a grunge effect and preserve the original image.



6.  However, in PSP 9 at least, once I saved the image, I could not open it again.  I received the "This is not a valid Paint Shop Pro Image file" message.  If the image is saved using only the effects in PSP (not a plugin), then the image will open.  Odd, no?

In conclusion,  you can apply effects to mask layers, but you cannot re-open a saved image if the effect is created using a plugin.


  1. Howdy, Spencer, umm, that is rather strange, it should have saved it without issues, despite the use of a plug in. Cause if that were true we could not use plug ins at all. So i am thinking that something occurred when you saved it, it happens to me sometimes to. So if it helps, send me the file, I'm using psp v 11, I'll see if I can open it and I'll re send it back to you. Just for safety, in the future, double save LOL. Yeah I do that too LOL
    so my addy is pmossgate @
    minus the spaces of course.
    my blog
    Okay, I'm off to do some extensive catching up.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Pat,

    Unfortunately, I saved it 3 times with 3 different names and none of copies will open in PSP9. So, alas, double-saving is not the answer. It is very bizarre that the image with mask layer will open if I use the Texture Effect that comes with PSP9, but not with the texture when I use the plugin.


  4. Hey there! I have had that happen to me before when I was working in PSPX and saved something and went in later to PSP 9 and could not open it because it said it was not valid. I found that when I save files I must designate the version for it to be saved in. (I generally will pick 9 since X and up will open a 9 file but not vice versa). Does that make sense? LOL

    By the way this is probably coming up anonymous because I just signed up for your scripting tutorials newsletter and have not confirmed it yet.

    I have been scripting for a couple years now.....I ran across your blog yesterday and was amazed! Your site is an awesome resource for scripting! I do have questions for you regarding scripting...but that is for another day!

  5. The image was made in PSP 9 and saved in PSP 9 format. Therefore, the version format is not the issue.