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Monday, October 19, 2009

Stick Candy

This tutorial will show you how I made the stick candy in my Sweet Tooth kit.


Mura Meister's Stripe of Cylinder

1.  Open a new canvas, 150 pixels wide and 1500 pixels high.

2. Create a new custom selection.

Left = 0
Right = 150
Top = 0
Bottom = 750

3.  Fill the selection with the color of your choice.  I used pink (#f2a1b5).

4.  Create a new custom selection.

Left = 0
Right = 150
Top = 750
Bottom = 1500

5.  Fill the selection with another color.  I chose white so that my stick candy will have pink and white stripes.

6.  Select None (Ctrl + D).

7.  Use the Pattern Effect (Effects > Reflection Effects > Pattern) to create the stripes.

Horizontal offset = 0
Vertical offset = 0
Rotation angle= 0
Scale factor = 26
Number of columns = 3
Number of rows = 12
Horizontal shift = 0
Vertical shift = 0

Change the vertical offset to change the width of the stripes.

8.  Use the Skew Effect (Effects > Geometric Effects > Skew).

Skew direction = Vertical
Skew angle = 45
Edge mode = Repeat

9.  Use the plugin, Mura's Seamless Stripe of Cylinder to make the stick round.

10. Use the plugin, Eye Candy Impact 5: Glass to give the candy a shiny look.

Bevel Width = 75.0
Bevel Smoothness = 100.0
Round Selection Corners = 30
Bevel Placement = Inside Selection
Glass Color = #c0c0c0
Opacity = 0
Tinting = 8
Refraction = 50
Inner Shadow Opacity = 41
Drop Shadow Opacity = 0
Shadow Offset = 0.0
Shadow Glow = 0

Direction = 110
Inclination = 75
Highlight Brightness = 75
Highlight Size = 75
Highlight Color = White
Reflection Map = None

Bevel Profile
Factory Profile = Button


  1. Thanks so much for sharing another awesome tutorial. You are the greatest!!!

  2. Thanks for such an easy way of doing this. Great Tut, with lovely clear instructions as always. Thanks so much.

  3. Ty for sharing! I am going to try to make these tomorrow

  4. No, I do not write tutorials for GIMP though I do know how to use the program.

  5. Ty for the awesome tut.


  6. Hi, I was trying to do this tut but the link to the filter is not working =(