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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chipboard Texture

I could not find a tutorial on how to make a chipboard texture and I was fiddling with some chipboard actions so I wrote down these steps for my own reference.  I'm not sure if this looks like real chipboard but it does look like chipboard on some digi-scrapping chipboard elements that I have seen.

1.  Open a new canvas the size of your final chipboard element.  I like to make alphas so my chipboard is 3000 x 3000 so that I can use it for a whole sheet of letters.

2.  Fill the canvas with the color of your choice.  I used #b5a49a.

3.  Duplicate the layer (Layer > Duplicate Layer).

4.  Add Noise (Filter > Noise > Add Noise).

Amount = 30%
Distribution = Gaussian
Monochromatic = Checked

5. Add Median Noise (Filter > Noise > Median).

Radius = 1

6.  Sharpen the edges (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen Edges).

7.  Use the Spatter brush stroke to turn the irregular dots into small squares that look like squashed chips (Filter > Brush Strokes > Spatter).

Spray Radius = 15
Smoothness = 10

8.  Go to the Blend Modes (either on the layer palette or Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options) and change the blend mode for the current layer to 'Soft Light'.

9.  Merge the layers and the texture is complete.


  1. the last step, where you convert the pixels into squares (filter>brush spatter) ....that dialogue box looks like an Adobe Illustrator function. I don't have that in PS6?

  2. It may not be in PS6, which I don't own for checking, but I remember that in PS5.5, the filters were in a different menu because I could import this photoshop filter from 5.5 into PSP as a plugin. However, this is not an illustrator function. This tutorial was written using CS3 which does have it within the program and not as part of Illustrator.

  3. This is fantastic for vintage-style baseball card backs! Brilliant! Thank you!