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Monday, January 4, 2010

Creating Preset Shapes from JPEG Images

This tutorial will show you how to make a preset shape from a JPEG image.  I used this technique to convert my Everything Gingerbread Man & Woman PSP shapes into Photoshop shapes.  First, I exported the shapes as JPEGs in PSP.

1.  Open JPEG in Photoshop.  I am using a B&W image of a Gingerbread Man PSP shape because a single color is much easier to convert.

2.  Use the Magic Wand to select the shape.

Add to Selection = Selected
Tolerance = 50
Anti-alias = Checked
Contiguous = Checked
Sample All Layers = Unchecked

Here is the image after I selected the black with the magic wand.

If you are having difficulty creating a smooth edge, here are my Refine Edge settings:

3. Go the Paths palette and click the Make Work Path from Selection button.

4.  Choose the Direct Selection Tool.

5.  Click on a work path on the image with the tool and activate the path and its nodes.  Now click on individual nodes to edit them (such as smoothing a curve).

6.  Once the path has been editted and smoothed to your liking, then right-click on the path to activate a menu.  Choose Define Custom Shape.

7.  Give the shape a name and click OK.

8.  Now the shape will be available under Custom Shapes.


  1. Hello,
    Can we have the same tutorial for Paint shop pro? Thanks!

  2. As long as there is a path, you can make a shape, right? I thank you for this!


  3. Yes, as long as there is a path, you can make a shape.

  4. I tried in PSP but cannot find any path! Please, how I can do this in PSP? I would be so grateful for a little tutorial. Thank you so much Romi