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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Temporarily Loading Fonts in Windows 7

Given that I have had to upgrade to Windows 7, I can no longer open a font, minimize it, and have it available for use in Paint Shop Pro.  I knew about the small program for temporarily loading a font, but since I had my lovely Windows XP, I didn't have to use it.  Alas, those days are over.

For people needing to temporarily load a font (and I have thousands, so I am not installing them), there is a program called Font Load Unload.

1.  Download Font Load Unload.

2.  Unzip the file to a folder.

3.  Go into the folder and launch (by double-click) the file called 'Font Load_Unload' (or Font Load_Unload.exe if you can see your extensions).

4.  Open the folder with the font to be the temporarily loaded.

5.  Drag the font to the Font Load_Unload window.

6.  This will load the font.

7. When you are done using the font, click the 'Unload' button to remove the font.

8.  Or, shutdown Windows and at the next boot, the loaded font will be gone (from the Font Load_Unload window and from Windows).


  1. I'm going to try this. I was very disappointed to find the change in Windows 7 (my computer crashed and I had to get a new computer so my upgrade was not a choice I was happy to make). It was so easy to use fonts before, which must be the reason they changed it. Is it just because I'm getting older and crankier than upgrades often seem giant steps backward? Anyway, many thanks for this timely posting. Dianne

  2. Like you I have 1000's of fonts so I have them stored on an external hard drive. I am using VISTA so don't know if it will work in WIndows 7, but it does save installing yet another programme.

    If I want to use a non-installed font, all I do is open it, reduce it so that I see the tab on my bottom toolbar, go into PSP and click on the font in the menu listing, the one you have opened temporarily is listed amongst the installed fonts and is available to use.