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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Astral Clarification

Sean, by Astral, I meant Star. That is what I get for writing up the post late at night. As for the ad hominem nature of hate, I did consider that the next day, but at the time, I had narrowed my choices down to I Think Sarah Palin is Bad for Science in America Alpha and I Hate Sarah Palin Alpha. I decided that the former was too long a title to get into the preview. Call it a Madison Avenue-style decision.

Also, having read up on the existing star projector (a Zeiss Model VI Planetarium Star Projector which can project some 8,900 fixed stars down to magnitude 6.5, along with 17 star clusters and nebulae), I still don't understand how this became an overhead projector in the presidential debate. I still get images in my head of John McCain standing in the center of the planetarium with a plastic transparency and shining a flashlight through it.

As for being Muslim, I'm waiting for the day that Buddhism is declared to be a dangerous religion. At which point, the billions of Chinese and Indians will rise up like red tide and end the oppressive Caucasian supremacy with real culture. The secret ninja cells are already seeded across the world as pacifistic monasteries. That's real bureacratic organization: large, unwieldly, implacable, and unstoppable.

And now I'm going to go back to making graphics for this blog. I only made this post because 4shared is down for maintenance this morning.


  1. Yeah. I was just teasing you about the astral projector.

    As for why the Zeiss projector was described as an overhead projector... I've got nothing. I suppose one could argue the device does project images above one's head. Thus overhead? That conclusion seems weak and short-sighted to me in the context of the contemporary usage of the term "overhead projector". I think of transparency projectors or portable projectors attached to laptops for PowerPoint presentations when I hear that term. Not-- you know-- the heart of a planetarium. A planetarium's raison d'ĂȘtre if you will.

  2. Just popping in to say "Hi!" Hi!

    I added your blog to my bookmarks. As far as I'm concerned, you write well and present careful, well thought out arguments and I'd be just as happy to read more about what's important to you (or even what makes you angry) as look at and/or download scrapbooking stuff.

    (And gosh darned blogger *still* isn't accepting my livejournal login!)