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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sequins in PSP

This tutorial will show you how to make a sequin in Paint Shop Pro.

1.  Open up a new canvas.  Mine is 300 x 300 pixels at 300 dpi for a 1 inch sequin.

2.  Set the foreground color to transparent.  Set the background color to the color of your sequin.

3.  Select the Ellipse tool and choose Draw Circle.

4. Draw a circle on the canvas.

5.  Select the Object Selection Tool (or the Pick Tool for PSP X and higher).  Click Center on Canvas on the toolbar.

6.  Select the Symmetric Shape tool.  Choose Draw Polygon and set the number of sides to 6.

7.  Ctrl+D to select none.  Change the background color some other color so that it will be possible to see the hexagon after it is drawn.

8.  Draw out a hexagon on the canvas.

9.  Select the Object Selection /Pick Tool.  Click Center on Canvas on the toolbar.

10.  Select the pen tool.  Set the width to 2 pixels.

11.  Ctrl + D to select none and exchange the foreground and background colors.  This will make the foreground color the same as the hexagon and the background will become transparent.

12.  Create a new vector layer (Layers > New Vector Layer).

12.  Draw a line across the circle so that it passes through two points of the hexagon.  The line needs to touch each edge of the circle. 

13.  Select the Object Selection /Pick Tool.  Click Center on Canvas on the toolbar.

14.  Duplicate the layer with the line (Layers > Duplicate).

15.  Rotate the layer (Ctrl + R) 60 degrees.

Direction = Right
Free = 60
All layers = Unchecked
Rotate single layer around canvas center = Checked

16.  Repeat steps 14 & 15 to make a third rotated line.

17.  Select the magic wand tool.

Mode = Add
Match mode = RGB
Tolerance = 25
Sample merged = Checked
Contiguous = Checked
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = Checked

18.  Select the a facet and the one diagonal to it.

19.  Create a new adjustment layer for brightness and contrast (Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast).

20.  Set the brightness to 25.

21.  Ctrl+D to select none.  Select the next pair of facets clockwise.

22.  Create a new brightness/contrast adjustment layer and set the brightness to +50.

23.  Ctrl+D to select none.  Select the next pair of facets clockwise.

25.  Create a new brightness/contrast layer.  Set the brightness to -25.

26.  Click the eye next to the hexagon sub-layer and the line (New Path) layers (or delete them) to hide them as they are not needed anymore.

27.  Select the layer with the circle (New Ellipse).

28.  Optional.  To use a gradient or a pattern for the sequin right-click and select Properties.  Then click the Fill box and select a gradient or pattern from the materials palette.

29.  Right-click and select Create Raster Selection.

30.  Contract the selection to create the hole for the sequin.  The amount of contraction will depend on the original size of your sequin.

31.  Convert the current layer to a raster layer (Layers > Convert to Raster Layer).

32.  Press the delete key to make a hole in the sequin.  The sequin is now complete.


  1. thank you so much for all your freebies. you do wonderful work.

  2. I'm dying laughing--I actually came here just to bug you again about writing this tut for psp--have I told you lately that you ROCK? I bet you don't have a clue how much joy you bring with your tutorials--you've opened a whole new world for me & I'm sure you've done the same for many others, too. You are a true PSP angel, and I wish I had the right words to say thank you better. Mwah!

  3. Vielen Dank für das tolle Tut.

  4. Fascinating! Will definitely give this a try.

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